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Cleanux Essential Kit PLUS 2-Year Warranty

Cleanux Essential Kit PLUS 2-Year Warranty

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Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Deon F.
Can’t believe the difference in my breathing and quality of sleep from irrigating my nasal passage.

I am pleasantly amazed at how well this product worked.Much better than nasal spray. When I first tried it, I felt it wasn’t working. It would burn my sinuses, leading to tears and blood shot eyes. I was upset. I decided to give it a second shot. Day 2 it was easier to use with less burning and I started to feel less pressure in my sinuses. By day three I could fully breathe and I was able to sleep without using a medicated nose spray. It’s been almost a month now and I’ve never been able to breathe this clearly through my nose in my entire life. No exaggerating. Love this product!

By W.H.
I love my CLEANUX!

Quick and easy to use, great way to clear congestion, helps flush out allergens during pollen season. I use it every day.

Joshua T.

At first it was a little uncomfortable but after a few days it was great. Definitely helps with nasal breathing.


Todd R.
Essential Product

So far, GREAT!
I often woke up with congestion needing to take a Phenylephrine pill. Now no longer necessary. I can breathe more freely most of the day. I bought some Saline packets to mix with the spring or distilled water I use. It is like a water pick for the nasal cavity. So far no increase in taste and smell.. I also recommend the homeopathic Rootology Breathe Free supplement.

Diana A.

It is excellent . It has helped my horrible lifelong sinus issues amazing!!!!

Michelle H.

Very easy to use and effective