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Pollen Allergy Was Wrecking My Days Until My Doctor Recommended This Miracle Solution. Not a Single Sneezing Day Ever Since.

By Warren Norman - March 10th, 2023 - 11:28 AM PDT

I just finished work for today. It's been about 9 hours of trying to work while struggling with my runny nose, watery eyes, and nonstop sneezing.

I live in Northern California. You can imagine how it is when the allergy season starts...

Tree pollen everywhere! Winds blowing!

At first, it's just a little itch, and then it starts getting stuffy…

But as the day goes on, the sneezing and congestion intensify…

My nose becomes so clogged and painful that I can hardly focus on my work

And my eyes become itchy and red, with horrible sinus pressure

…And it becomes absolute torture. 

My face ends up feeling like I’m being constantly punched by Mike Tyson…

It gets to a point where I cannot breathe through my nose or concentrate on anything else.

And this repeats all day, every day.

For Years My Pollen Allergy Made My Life A Living Nightmare!

My daily life was filled with so much frustration and embarrassment... 

And let's not even mention the constant discomfort.

At work, my coworkers started to count every time I sneezed or blew my nose because of how often it happened

So... I laughed too... but deep inside I felt embarrassed…

I once overheard one of them saying:

"Are you sure he’s not just looking for attention with all those allergy theatrics?"

I was dreading going outside, let alone having to do anything active...

I mean imagine I’m at the gym doing bench presses and I suddenly sneeze… 

I felt like an allergy-ridden mess

even though I was still in my 40s and my best shape.

So, if you're like me - Suffering from horrible allergies, I really FEEL you.

And I want you to know it's not your fault.

No one chooses to have allergies. But some people choose not to do anything about them.

The Most Frustrating Part Was, I Was Doing Everything I Could to Get Better

I tried everything from antihistamines, corticosteroids, sprays, and natural remedies, but nothing worked.

They all just temporarily mask the symptoms.

Allergy meds are great at providing short-term relief but the moment you stop taking them, the effect wears off, And I won't spend the rest of my life taking them!

Nasal sprays worked at first, but I think my body got used to them as they stopped helping after a few uses.

Plus, they are addictive and make symptoms worse when not used.

Herbal remedies may also help, but they take time to work and require a lot of patience and consistency, PLUS it's expensive!

…Sadly, nothing helped.

I was devastated and afraid that I would never be able to enjoy the outdoors again

Especially after what my wife told me our son said to her during bedtime story…

"I wish dad didn't have to miss out on our picnics because of his allergies"

Right then and there, I swore to myself that I would find a solution.

I researched and consulted with every allergist and immunologist I could find in my area

Dozens of phone calls and appointments later, something happened…

“Don’t Even Think About Surgery Before Trying This!”

One of the allergists from the nearby clinic, Dr. Emily, recommended I try this new device.

She had just developed it in partnership with one US-based startup and believed it could potentially help me with my allergies.

before resorting to surgery. 

'Consider this, Warren: how do you take care of your teeth on a daily basis?', she asked me. 'You brush them twice a day, right?'

Right. And I floss them regularly. Well, I try to…

'Precisely the same approach you should adopt for your nose if you want to shield it from pollen, dust, and any other irritants causing sneezing, stuffiness, and breathing difficulties!'

Especially for individuals dealing with such a dusty atmosphere like mine!

‘So you and that startup invented a nose brush???’, I asked Dr.Emily.

‘Haha, No, and yes. It actually works like a brush, like a very powerful one!’

And then she revealed the device they had developed, named Cleanux.

It utilizes the nasal irrigation method, a technique that has been in existence for years, but it employed a much more sophisticated approach to enhance irrigation's efficacy and eradicate any pain or discomfort.

“Oh, not that waterboarding torture again!”

Truthfully, that was my initial reaction upon hearing about it, as skepticism filled my mind...

I'd experimented with neti pots in the past, but let's just say the experience was less than pleasant...

Water splashed chaotically, transforming the entire ordeal into what felt like bathroom chaos rather than targeted sinus relief...

“This is like a neti pot on steroids!”

Dr. Emily proceeded to explain how Cleanux stands apart from all other previous options:

You see, the true efficacy of nasal irrigation hinges on regularity—practiced consistently, rather than occasionally.

Regrettably, past solutions were flawed by user-unfriendly designs, eliciting pain, and displeasure, turning the experience into a dreaded hassle, and making it daunting to establish a routine!

(If you haven’t tried them, well, let me picture it for you: water just invades your nose like an unrelenting tsunami, without any pressure control! It's like diving headfirst into a pool of water!)

But now, thanks to Dr. Emily and a team of medical experts, Cleanux is here – Different pressure options transform the water stream into a serene river rather than a raging tsunami

Delicately Gentle and soothing, while simultaneously powerful and efficacious, it effortlessly flushes away all that obstructs its path, elevating the experience into pure delight!

And granting allergy sufferers a safe way to cleanse nasal passages routinely and whenever needed, devoid of pain or discomfort!

Former Skeptic, Now A Believer

I wanted to hate it, but I can say that this device is a true miracle worker.

I'll spare everyone the graphic details of what was flushed from my sinus cavities, 

It was so much so that I could visually see cedar pollen floating in the sink!

I was hooked and really amazed after just the first use!

And to my surprise, I didn't choke or have that uncomfortable feeling of water up my nose, unlike squeeze bottles!

The whole process took about a minute

and It was weirdly satisfying rather than painful!

THE GAME-CHANGER that transformed the entire experience was...

I gently heated the water before using it and added a spoonful of sea salt.

It works wonders to replenish moisture in clogged nasal passages, alleviate inflammation, and help in clearing out allergens and excess mucus.

And makes the experience seamless and remarkably effective!

What Makes Cleanux Such an Important Breakthrough?

Allergens, like pollen, dust, and pet dander, enter our bodies through the nose—the body's natural air filter designed to capture these invaders.

However, once trapped, they trigger an immune response, leading to symptoms such as sneezing, nasal congestion, runny or itchy nose, and post-nasal drip…

That's where Cleanux comes into play — Your ultimate ally in combating these pesky allergens! Meticulously engineered to deliver a precisely controlled saline stream, Cleanux acts as a revitalizing cleanse for your nasal passages.

Envision a tranquil, purifying rain shower for your sinuses, masterfully washing away trapped pollen and allergens, along with excess mucus and inflammatory culprits!

The process is incredibly soothing, and the relief is instantaneous—you can feel the refreshing difference with each use!

But Cleanux's brilliance doesn't stop there. It's not just a reactive solution, rather, it's a proactive approach to maintaining optimal nasal health, every day, at any time.

Incorporating Cleanux into your daily regimen empowers you to reinforce your body's natural defenses against allergens, ensuring your air filter operates in peak condition.

Imagine breathing freely, uninhibited by congestion, sneezing, or irritation, with the confidence that your nose is actively safeguarding your well-being.

A Life Changing Upgrade For My Daily Routine

You see, because it’s so easy to use, I started using it twice every day.

It fits perfectly into my routine, which is what I love the most about it

I use It once in the morning, and once before bed, just like brushing my teeth!

I mean it makes sense since I brush my teeth daily 

to maintain healthy teeth and prevent gum diseases

So why not do it for my nose and enjoy an allergy-free life?

And after just one week, I feel so much better and I noticed I don’t need to use my decongestants as often...

I haven't sneezed once since I started using it! It lessened my sniffling and the need to always blow mucus out.

And by the end of each use, which takes less than 2 minutes

I feel like I've had the best deep breath of my life.

It helped me tremendously with my battle against pollen!

And now my friends even ask me where I got it!

Years of Misery, Discomfort, and Embarrassment Vanished with One Simple Device

I can’t thank Dr. Emily and Cleanux enough.

I can tell you that if it wasn't for Cleanux, I would be still struggling with symptoms daily.

It’s like the gift of breathing.

Even my wife noticed a difference…But that's a story I can't share here 😊

I know it may sound unbelievable, but I can say that this device changed my life.

I can go with my kid to the park, and I can finally enjoy my morning run again

Without worrying about pollen ruining my day.

I’m thriving at work, and even my colleagues have noticed

I feel like the best days of my life are ahead of me.

If an allergy-free life is a priority for you, I can't recommend it enough!

I encourage you to give Cleanux a try and watch as your symptoms disappear in no time.

A Whopping 95% of Verified Users Reported Feeling Immediate Relief

Life Is Too Short to Spend it Sneezing! Try Cleanux and take the first step towards a new, symptom-free life today.

Don't let allergies hold you back from enjoying life to the fullest. 

Experience significant relief from your symptoms within 30 days of using Cleanux, or get ALL your money back.

Cleanux’s promise to YOU is THIS:

If you use this device for the next 14 days just once a day!

You WILL get rid of allergy symptoms and you WILL breathe easy again.

How Do I Get Cleanux?

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