Now You Can Finally Say Goodbye To Sinus Issues… For Good!

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New game-changing Cleanux VibroRinse® quickly clears out nasal congestion, effortlessly opens up your airways, and supports your sinus health long-term…

Without corticosteroid sprays, decongestants, antibiotics or allergy medications.

Yes, I Want Better Breathing!

100% Satisfaction • Lifetime Guarantee

  • Clears Stubborn Congestion
  • Instantly Improves Nose Breathing
  • Eliminates Snoring At Night
  • Stops Sinus Headaches
  • Alleviates Facial Pain
  • Clears Brain Fog and Improves Productivity
Yes, I Want Better Breathing!

100% Satisfaction • Lifetime Guarantee

“Within two days of using Cleanux, in the morning and before bed, I was completely clear! Amazing, totally life-changing. No more lack of sleep being unable to breathe, no constantly blocked nose, no runny nose, no more sniffing, no more tissues everywhere!”

Andrew B.
Cleanux Customer

  1. If you’ve ever experienced a bad case of “sinus misery” you’ll know sinus problems don’t just affect your nose and breathing. They can devastate your life!
  2. At night, you may be so stuffed up you can barely breathe... making it impossible to sleep through the night. Only to wake up feeling like the “walking dead” the next day, so you can’t think clearly or get anything productive done.
  3. Meanwhile, the post-nasal drip leaves foul-tasting mucus constantly dripping down your throat into your stomach, making you feel sick.
  4. And let’s not forget how sinus issues can leave you feeling constantly exhausted, like you’ve been run over by a truck, with headaches, brain fog and facial pain.

Revealed: The REAL Root Cause Of Persistent Sinus Issues

Before you reach for another corticosteroid nasal spray, you should know that there’s a little-known ROOT CAUSE of your nasal congestion. One that corticosteroid nasal sprays, decongestants, and even OTC medications do not solve.

Because the truth is, all a sinus infection really is, is your body’s natural defense systems trying to protect you from parasites found in the air we breathe, by trapping them in your nasal passageways with mucus, before they ever reach your lungs.

And when it comes to the most stubborn type of parasites that trigger chronic sinus infections — the kind that corticosteroid nasal sprays and OTC medication simply CANNOT address…

…TOXIC FUNGI stands out as the root cause of most chronic, persistent sinus issues.

We Inhale Millions Of Fungi In The Air Each Day

And what most people don’t know is that when you inhale, these fungal spores can get sucked into your sinuses, and can remain trapped deep inside them for Days...

Especially if you have sensitive sinuses.

While there, these stuck TOXIC FUNGI cause an “irritation response” that forces your sinuses to constantly produce loads of thick mucus and fill up like a balloon.

This mucus production blocks the sinuses, prevents them from draining and clogs up your airways so you can’t breathe freely through your nose.

And even though nasal sprays help alleviate your symptoms by shrinking your blood vessels and suppressing your immune response… This relief is temporary at best.

And over time corticosteroid sprays and OTC meds can make you feel even worse, while slowly destroying your body’s natural immunity.



The feelings of congestion, discomfort, blocked breathing and dizziness will persist.


This Fast-Acting Breakthrough Attacks The Root Cause Of Your Sinus Issues In Just Minutes…

At Cleanux, we believe the drug-approach to sinus relief is all wrong.

There’s no reason to use corticosteroid nasal sprays… or rounds of antibiotics …or antihistamines or… even addictive pain relievers.

Not when there’s an all-natural solution – Cleanux VibroRinse® – that addresses the root cause of your sinus issues, and works quickly and effortlessly to clear out your congestion and soothe your sinuses in as little as TWO minutes.

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100% Satisfaction • Lifetime Guarantee

How a weird “Humming Trick” recommended by a renowned ENT specialist gave birth to Cleanux VibroRinse®

In the search for a lasting natural solution that worked without any OTC medication, our founders looked back to a time where OTC medications weren’t readily available.

They heard about a weird “humming trick” from the 1950s, recommended by Dr Murray Grossan that urprisingly worked great for sinus issues.

In fact, this weird “humming trick” was so effective that The New York Times even published an article about it... Backed by multiple studies that showed how “humming vibrations” could provide relief from sinus worries in as little as 96 hours (very quickly.)

That’s because humming vibrations in the sinuses help break up & dislodge stuck mucus and stubborn fungi, allowing your sinuses to drain with ease.

These humming vibrations also have a soothing effect on the mucosa cells in the sinuses, and even make the sinuses a HARSH environment for parasites like Fungi, Bacteria and even Viruses.

And unlike steroid sprays, or antihistamine medications that only address your symptoms and even weaken your immune system over time…

These “Humming Vibrations” actually help you get rid of the stuck mucus, and irritants in your sinuses… while activating your body’s natural healing ability. But it gets even better.

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Ancient Healing Wisdom With Cutting Edge Technology

Our Founders also discovered yet another natural practice that had been used for thousands of years by ancient societies like the Hindus to alleviate sinus issues… NASAL RINSING.

This nasal rinsing practice could provide near-instant relief from congestion. Except that it was a little painful to use for some people, and lacked the long-term health benefits you could get from humming vibrations.

Naturally, our founders asked the question…

“What if there was a device that combined both Vibration Therapy and Nasal Rinsing together in a quick, effortless and pain-free way?”

So they decided to make one.

And after partnering with a team of sinus experts to bring their vision to life, Cleanux VibroRinse® was born.

A game-changing device that combines two powerful all-natural sinus solutions to address the root cause of chronic sinus issues…

While providing long-term relief and even supporting your body’s natural healing ability in a way conventional therapies and treatments could not do.

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100% Satisfaction • Lifetime Guarantee

Helping Over 13,000 Customers Breathe More Freely Without Steroid Nasal Sprays or OTC MEDS

Love Cleanux!

I love using Cleanux it helps clear my sinuses so I can breath easier.
I use it every morning. Since using Cleanux I have not had to take antibiotics for sinus infections like I used to have to do before I purchased the Cleanux.

Patrick N.
CLEANUX Customer

Life changing

Life changing! That's the only way I can describe it. For years I've suffered with sinusitis, have been to Ear, Nose and Throat specialists, have been on medication, steroid sprays, antihistamines, and Otravine spray, all temporary, always came back.
Then, by chance saw Cleanux advertised on FB, had to try it. Have seen saline bottles in the chemists before, expensive for what they are and you had to squeeze the bottle. One use and they were finished!

Andrew B.
CLEANUX Customer

Haven't breathed this freely since I was a teen.

Cleanux device works! I won't lie, the first try was a bit weird, but not painful. But the flush released a ridiculous amount of blockage and dislodged much other stuff that didn't flush out. I was blowing it out all night. In the morning, the second round was much smoother. I haven't breathed this freely since I was a teen.

Smith O.
CLEANUX Customer

And the best part?

It's safe for daily use, provides natural & long-lasting relief, and doesn't cause any side effects!

Once you use it you’ll feel everything open up.

Your head, your sinuses and your nasal passageways — allowing you to finally breathe deeply, freely and easily, sleep better and perform at your best… the way you were supposed to.

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100% Satisfaction • Lifetime Guarantee

“Cleanux is a trusted, effective solution for improving nasal health, and I wholeheartedly recommend it to everyone!”

Authority - Dr Randy Oppenheimer
Ear, Nose, and Throat (ENT) Specialist

  • Endorsed by doctors
  • Backed by science

Meet The Cleanux?

Cleanux with VibroRinse® technology works fast in TWO ways to eliminate what’s really causing your sinus troubles… and provide the support you need to breathe freely and easily long-term.

Clears Congested Sinuses

Cleanux clears sinus congestion by flushing the nasal cavity removing mucus buildup and all irritants, reducing inflammation, and promoting sinus drainage

Relieves Allergy Symptoms

Cleanux alleviates allergy symptoms by washing away allergens like pollen or dust that can cause nasal irritation and symptoms.

Improves Nose Breathing

There is no better feeling that a deep breathe through the nose, and Cleanux is engineered just to give you this amazing feeling again by flushing out anything that can obstruct it!

Eases Headaches & Pressure

Cleanux moistens and drains mucus buildups from nasal passages, which cuts down on the pressure and helps relieve the pain

Improves Sleep & Tiredness

Flushing accumulated mucus and buildup from your sinuses just before going to bed, keeps your airways clear, and prevents congestion while you're sleeping soundly!

Silences Snoring

Cleanux silences snoring by flushing the sinuses to remove obstructions and reduce swelling, allowing air to pass freely through the nose!

It uses a gentle, pulsating jet of sterile water to flush out all the stuck gunk, mucus and fungi that’s causing the pain and pressure in your sinuses…

While sending gentle humming vibrations through the water to your mucosa cells to help break up and dislodge stuck particles without force…

And make your sinuses a HARSH environment for infection-causing parasites like bacteria, viruses and even fungi.

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100% Satisfaction • Lifetime Guarantee

How Does It Work?

Nasal irrigation works, and Cleanux makes it like a breeze!


Fill the water tank with distilled water and preferably sea salt.


Activate the device, position it on one nostril, and open your mouth.


Enjoy satisfyingly clear nasal passages and fresh breath.

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100% Satisfaction • Lifetime Guarantee

Simply use Cleanux VibroRinse® once a day to:

  • Quickly get back to breathing freely and easily…
  • Sleep great at night without snoring…
  • Feel energized and clear-headed all day long…
  • Stop sinus headaches and facial pain…

So you can go back to being your old self and living life to the fullest!

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100% Satisfaction • Lifetime Guarantee

Quick… Easy… Drug-Free Sinus Relief, Now At Your Fingertips

By flushing out the fungus and mucus stuck in your sinuses each day, while making your sinuses a HARSH environment for parasites, Cleanux VibroRinse® gives you fast, pain-free relief and long lasting results.

1x Cleanux Nasal Water Jet
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1x Cleanux Nasal Water Jet
1x Water-Spray Nozzle
1x Water-Jet Nozzle
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When your package arrives, you have 60 days to try the Cleanux Nasal Water Jet.

If it doesn't improve your breathing and relieve your nasal congestion or allergy symptoms, or if you are unsatisfied in any way, simply contact our customer support team at

One of our agents will process a 100% refund for you.

Order Your Cleanux Today And See What It’s Like To Enjoy Wide Open Nasal Passages and Better Breathing

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Customer Reviews

Based on 766 reviews
Jackie D.
So much better than addicting nasal sprays

I have been using Cleanux once daily for about 3 weeks. Previously I had to use nasal decongestant sprays and tablets daily. Now I have not taken any decongestant tablets and have decreased my use of decongestant spray by 99%. I can’t believe how much difference using Cleanux has made. I thought I would never be able to live without sprays as I have suffered from allergies and rhinitis all my life.
Highly recommended

Brandon S.
better than nasal sprays

This product has very clear diagramed instructions. Easy to use. So much better than nasal spray or a nedi rinse. I love that it pulls the saline out the other nostril. I had no idea how much gunk was in there. Breathing so much better and I can smell!!!

Guillermo S.
Helps Severe Allergies Out of Desperation

Short Version: Using Cleanux significantly reduced the number of allergy medications I take, and I’m breathing better than ever.
Long Version: I have severe nasal allergies for over 30 years. I also use a CPAP and if my allergies aren’t treated I choke on the phlegm, so it’s important that I treat my allergies. My doctor has prescribed two sprays of Flonase, Singulair, and Zyrtec in the morning. Then Zyrtec again and Astepro at night. I take Mucinex a couple times a day to thin things out. I run a HEPA air filter 24x7. The doc recently told me that there’s nothing else to do and I might need to start setting a specialist.
Out of desperation, I bought a Cleanux. I started using it three times a day. After about three days, I stopped taking the evening Zyrtec. After about three more days, I stopped using Astepro. Then I cut back to Cleanux twice a day. Then I noticed I had stopped taking Mucinex. After another week, I was only doing a single spray of Flonase. Last week, I cut Cleanux down to once a day. I’m toying with the idea of eliminating Zyrtec entirely. I’ll let you know.
I told my doc this and he was delighted. He said, “You could be a commercial for Cleanux. This is the best results I’ve ever seen.” He’s going to start recommending Cleanux to other patients.

Daniel D.
Long term sinusitis suffer

The Cleanux has done a nice job for temporary relief. Have only Ben using for a week now. Looking forward to ridding this constant stuffiness and nasal drainage

WAY more effective than nasal sprays in cleaning out chronic sinus gunk from my allergies

Absolutely brilliant, ive had mine a week now and ca see a massive improvement with my sinuous and post nasal drip. I have had problems with the above for years, I have seen countless ENT surgeons and had one operation, no result. Last alternative was to have another operation that could possibly make my condition worse. I was then referred to the pain clinic, pain killers after pain killers. Using this gave me instant relief. I would highly recommend 👌

Ronald M.

Very easy to use and to clean. I absolutely love it and so do my sinuses

Frequently Asked Questions

How often can I use CLEANUX ?

You can use CLEANUX as often as you wish! We suggest you use it twice a day, just like brushing your teeth. However, CLEANUX is completely natural and drug-free, and health professionals agree that it’s safe to use as often as needed or wanted.

We recommend that new users use CLEANUX twice a day for the first couple of weeks-once in the morning and again before bed. This will give you a very good idea of the benefits you can enjoy with daily nasal care. Ultimately, you will find your own level of use. It may be three times a day; it may be three times per week; it may be more in the winter or more during heavy pollen seasons.

How long is an irrigation cycle?

CLEANUX irrigation cycle can last from about 10 seconds to a minute, depending on personal anatomy and congestion.

Most cycles last from 20 to 30 seconds. The cycle is complete when the water tank is empty.

What type of water should I use?

Please use ONLY filtered, distilled, or previously boiled water for nasal irrigation using CLEANUX.

Will It hurt?

Actually, you'll hardly feel anything during the irrigation cycle! Best of all, nasal irrigation provides benefit of a clean nose and relief from sinus congestion.

So why not take the CLEANUX Challenge: Use CLEANUX twice a day for two weeks and find out what improved nose-breathing and a clean nose can do for you!

Your satisfaction is unconditionally guaranteed by our 30-Day, Zero-Risk Trial, so you have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

How often should I clean the device?

Properly clean the device after use so that viruses and bacteria from your nose are not transferred to the device and the germs are not given the opportunity to colonize and be reintroduced into the nose upon subsequent use.

If you use the device daily and rinse it thoroughly before and after use, the risk is quite small. If the device is properly cleaned after use, the risk can be eliminated completely.

After each use, rinse the water tank thoroughly with warm water to remove any residual saline and allow to air dry. (Soap and water may also be used periodically for cleaning.) It is beneficial to frequently rinse the unit after use by running through a full reservoir of pure warm water until there is no more water in the reservoir and none is being ejected from the tip.