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How This Innovative Device Is Helping Thousands Alleviate Sinusitis And Allergy Symptoms

September 10th, 2022 — By Dr. Norman R.

Find out how you can keep your sinus clear & avoid infections naturally & effortlessly in just 1 minute a day!

The Sinus Treatment Market is Controlled by a Few Greedy Pharmaceutical Companies, Leaving Sinus Sufferers with Limited Options, Forced to Rely on Chemical OTC “Remedies” and Expensive Machines!

Did you know that every year, sinusitis afflicts around 31-35 million Americans who spend in total more than $1 billion each year on over-the-counter medications to treat it?

A genius startup is turning this multi-billion dollar sinus treatment industry on its head.

A company called Cleanux has figured out a way to offer instant and drug-free relief at a fraction of the cost.

With rising cold temperatures leaving millions struggling with sinus issues, cleanux emerges as the must-have remedy of 2023.

What Is It?

Meet Cleanux

The company behind Cleanux worked with a group of leading sinus specialists to help design their best-selling model, the Nasal Water Jet.

The goal was to make a natural remedy for sinus issues that can be used daily, with no side effects and doesn't require constant refills and replacements.

And they succeeded! Cleanux rocketed onto the market and immediately started making waves on social media and in the news.

So what can it actually do? Almost everything any other “solutions” on the market claim to do

But what makes Cleanux special is that it's hassle-free and painless, causes ZERO side effects, safe for daily use — and helps relieve sinus issues almost instantly!

Without the need to buy refills and its incredible price point — It’s substantially LESS than other solutions on the market — You can easily and effortlessly relieve sinuses WITHOUT the outrageous price and worrying about buying refills.

How Does It Work?

Cleanux uses its own patent-pending High-Pressure Water technology® to provide sinus relief.

Sinusitis, allergies, and the common cold are conditions caused by viral infections in the sinus area, triggered by inhaling allergens, irritants, particles, dander...

This leads to blockage and inflammation in the sinus openings, making air circulation difficult and resulting in a mucus buildup in the sinuses..

Which causes nasal congestion, pressure, headaches, postnasal drip, and coughs..

Cleanux's High-Pressure Water® technology alleviates these symptoms by flushing out the irritants, allergens, and buildups that are causing the infection, using a stream of water that is both powerful and efficient in draining out all the yucky stuff, but also gentle and soft to avoid irritating the sinuses and causing any pain or discomfort.

And the best part? It has absolutely zero side effects, provides immediate relief, and gives outstanding ease of breathing!

What Exactly Can Cleanux Do?

From infections to sleep troubles, and anything in between!

Relieve sinusitis — Moisturizing the nasal cavity daily with Cleanux helps relieve dryness and congestion by allowing the nasal turbinates to contract, which makes breathing easier!

Ease allergy symptoms — Cleanux helps flush irritants and allergens out of the nasal passages. It is a proven way to relieve allergic rhinitis safely and effectively, with no side effects.

Help with sleep & snoring — Using Cleanux before bed helps ease snoring and improve sleep quality by flushing the sinuses to remove obstructions and reduce swelling, allowing air to pass freely through the nose.

Alleviate headaches & pressure — Cleanux moistens and helps clear mucus from nasal passages, which cuts down on facial pressure and helps ease headaches, and relieves pressure.

Natural & Instant relief — Cleanux is an excellent substitute for medications if you prefer a more natural way to manage sinus issues. It provides quick and natural relief without the need for any meds.

Safe & pain-free — While it might feel a bit strange or ticklish at first, the truth is you'll hardly feel anything while using Cleanux! Plus, Cleanux leaves you with a refreshing feeling and outstanding ease of breath! 

Some Questions We’ve Had

Q: Will it shoot water up to my brain?

A: NO, Cleanux’s water stream does not reach your brain because the skull bone separates the nasal passages and the sinuses from the brain. Additionally, natural barriers in the nasal passages instantly push water down the nostrils.

Q: Is it painful? What does it feel like?

A: NO, while it may feel a bit strange or ticklish at first, using Cleanux is not painful and it will certainly flush out the yucky stuff, leaving you with a refreshing feeling and relieving stuffiness.

Q: Can I use it twice a day?

A: You can use CLEANUX as often as you wish! We suggest you use it twice a day, just like brushing your teeth. It is completely natural and drug-free, and health professionals agree that it’s safe to use as often as needed or wanted.

Q: What makes it better than sinus rinse bottles?

A: Sinus rinse bottles can be painful since the water pressure is not controlled. Cleanux offers improved ease of use, controlled pressure(low, medium, and high), portability, and comfort.

What Others say?

"Y’all! I’ve struggled with sinus and allergy problems for my entire life. I get sinus infections regularly and I also have a stopped up nose most of the time. Cleanux is a game changer! I was skeptical at first but now I am truly addicted! I can breathe!"

— Kaily K.

"My husband was a nose spray addict, no more. He uses this twice a day and it is way better for him than any spray."

— Brenda C.

"I've suffered from allergies and sinus problems my whole life. I've gotten relief from neti pots but always found them awkward, messy and that the salt burned my nose. This gadget is awesome. It cleared out my nose in seconds. I find myself using it multiple times a day to reduce the itching and stinging I have everyday."

— Karl P.

"Super easy to use. Spent a miserable weekend with a horrible sinus infection and migraine. Used it immediately when it arrived. Within 30 minutes the migraine and pressure were gone and the sinus burn was completely gone. It completely flushed away the infection."

— Steve K.

Conclusion: Is It Worth It?

If you want to finally put sinus issues behind, without resorting to addictive pills, chemical sprays, and expensive surgery, then the answer is ABSOLUTELY YES.

And the time to order Cleanux is now — before they sell out again.

Since the first day, You’ll quickly discover why thousands have raved about Cleanux!

The icing on the cake is that Cleanux follows a zero-risk policy — No risk of meds-like side effects and no risk of money waste.

If Cleanux doesn’t provide you with the relief you expected, send it back and you’ll be given a full refund..

If it’s still in stock — definitely make sure you get one before they sell out.

How Do I Get Cleanux?

Get your Cleanux from their official website below.

As of February 8th, 2023 Cleanux has sold out multiple times. Due to its popularity and positive reviews, they’re offering an "Internet Only Promotion" and bundle discount with a 30-Day Guarantee, click below to see if it's available.
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Cleanux Nasal Water Jet

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Relieves Allergy Symptoms

Helps with Sleep & Snoring

Provides Instant & Natural Relief

Painless And Safe For Daily Use

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