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How This Innovative Device Is Helping Thousands Alleviate Sinus Issues And Nasal Congestion

Sunday, August 6, 2023 / By Ryan Longbert

Did you know there’s a new drug-free & natural solution that Clears Sinus Pressure, Brain Fog & Congestion In 2 Minutes?

The Sinus Treatment Market is Controlled by a Few Greedy Pharmaceutical Companies.

Leaving Sinus Sufferers with Limited Options, Forced to Rely on Chemical Sprays!

Did you know that every year, sinus issues afflict around 31-35 million Americans

Who spends in total more than $1 billion each year on over-the-counter nasal sprays to treat it?

A new medical startup, Cleanux, saw that many people over time get addicted to nasal sprays

And Cleanux believes this approach is all wrong.

Did you know that nasal sprays never make it to the nasal lining of the sinuses?

Secrets that Big Pharma doesn't want you to know!

Cleanux partners with a team of sinus experts

To create a new, all-natural, and pain-free Device

To control nasal congestion named Cleanux VibroRinse®.

It helps solve the root cause of sinus issues, congestion, tiredness, and brain fog.

It fights body swelling caused by tiny fungi that we breathe in daily.

What Is It?

The secret behind Cleanux's effectiveness is its game-changing VibroRinse® technology.

By using water pressure and mechanical vibrations

To dislodge and flush out irritants stuck in the sinuses.

And, below are the TOP 6 of this unique device’s GAME-CHANGING BENEFITS

1. Provides Deep Nasal Cleansing, Unblocking Sinuses And Allowing You To Breathe Again

Researchers at Johns Hopkins Hospital recently discovered something big.

They found out that persistent stuffy noses are often unrelated to colds or flu. Which means harsh nasal sprays or antibiotics are ineffective.

Instead, these researchers found that the real cause of persistent nasal congestion... often has more to do with FUNGI! , the 38 different types of harmful fungi that you inhale in the air you breathe.

For instance, in one study of 210 people with sinus infections, 96% of them had fungus in their mucus.

These fungi are microscopic.

Doctors won't see them during regular checkups. And in large numbers, they cause inflammation as they colonize your sinuses.

The worst part is they often go undetected... until things get so bad that your doctor has to recommend invasive surgery.

But thanks to the team of sinus experts behind Cleanux.

We know there's a new, all-natural, and pain-free way to control these irritants.

The Cleanux helps address the root cause of congestion, headaches, fatigue, and brain fog from sinus issues caused by stuck fungal Irritants.

2. A Natural & Safe Alternative To Chemical Sprays: Sinus Relief Minus The Side Effects!

If you're a frequent OTC nasal spray user, you may have noticed that your symptoms keep returning despite your best efforts...

Did you know that nasal sprays never make it to the nasal lining of the sinuses? They don't.

Nasal sprays only shrink the blood vessels inside of your nose. While this may provide clearer airways and help you breathe through your nose... this relief is only temporary.

Moral of the story:

Nasal sprays do nothing to address the root cause of persistent sinus congestion. In fact, they may actually WORSEN your congestion over time.

Cleanux is! drug-free and safe for daily use and the answer to your sinus issues without worrying about side effects!

3. Patent-Pending VibroRinse® technology

The secret to the Cleanux is the game-changing VibroRinse® technology.

The Cleanux uses a gentle-yet-powerful stream of sterile water to flush out stubborn irritants, gunk, and mucus... from deep inside your sinuses.

And unlike other solutions like squeeze bottles and netti pots, which rely on forceful, water pressure to work ... Cleanux’s vibration technology makes the experience seamless.

The VibroRinse® technology uses light water pressure and gentle mechanical vibrations, to dislodge and flush out irritants stuck deep in the sinuses... WITHOUT any pain.

This promotes safe & long-term sinus health in a way other products simply can NOT do.

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4. Silence Your Snores And Sleep Like A Baby!

We’ve all been there: You think your sinuses are getting better, but the minute you lay down in bed, your nose gets stuffy and the pressure starts kicking...

And you’re stuck staring at the ceiling wondering: “Why are my sinuses worse at night?”

Well because when you lie down, gravity causes the fluid in your sinuses to stay put and keep accumulating.

Which causes congestion and loud snoring, and increases pressure,

Resulting in hijacking your sleep.

The solution?

Use Cleanux Vibration to dislodge any accumulated mucus and buildup from your sinuses,

Then flushing them out with water before going to bed,

Keeps your airways clear, and prevents sinus congestion and snoring while you're sleeping.

5. Your Bedtime Routine Just Got a Life-Changing Upgrade!

“It’s like a soothing “Water Pick” for your sinuses, or the Oral B toothbrush version of breathing through your nose.” - Sam P

Just like brushing your teeth daily helps to keep your mouth clean and healthy, and prevent gum disease...

Flushing your sinuses twice a day with Cleanux,

Keeps them clean from irritants, allergens, and mucus buildup

Which prevents infections from occurring!

Just imagine waking up in the morning feeling refreshed and ready to start your day, instead of groggy and congested...

Or being able to fall asleep easily and enjoy a restful, uninterrupted sleep WITHOUT loud snores!

These are just a few of the life-changing benefits that Cleanux can offer

6. A One-Time & Risk-Free Purchase Covered With A 60-Day Guarantee

You have a full 60 days to try out The Cleanux. That means if you’re not breathing WAY better than you have in years, with clear sinuses, more energy, better sleep... and even more alertness throughout your day, you’ll get a no-questions-asked refund.

You either see results or pay nothing.

If Cleanux doesn’t provide you with the relief you expected, send it back and you’ll be given a full refund.

If it helps, though, you will no longer have to refill your sinusitis-first-aid-kit with more and more ineffective meds.

So, there is nothing to lose by trying CLEANUX, other than congestion & sinus issues!

What Others say?

"Y’all! I’ve struggled with sinus and allergy problems for my entire life. I get sinus infections regularly and I also have a stopped up nose most of the time. Cleanux is a game changer! I was skeptical at first but now I am truly addicted! I can breathe!"

— Kaily K.

"My husband was a nose spray addict, no more. He uses this twice a day and it is way better for him than any spray."

— Brenda C.

"I've suffered from allergies and sinus problems my whole life. I've gotten relief from neti pots but always found them awkward, messy and that the salt burned my nose. This gadget is awesome. It cleared out my nose in seconds. I find myself using it multiple times a day to reduce the itching and stinging I have everyday."

— Karl P.

"Super easy to use. Spent a miserable weekend with a horrible sinus infection and migraine. Used it immediately when it arrived. Within 30 minutes the migraine and pressure were gone and the sinus burn was completely gone. It completely flushed away the infection."

— Steve K.

How Do I Get Cleanux?

Get your Cleanux from their official website below.

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Cleanux Nasal Water Jet

Eases Sinusitis & Congestion

Relieves Allergy Symptoms

Helps with Sleep & Snoring

Provides Instant & Natural Relief

Painless And Safe For Daily Use

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